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Altair enjoys blankets.


Jul. 30th, 2017 08:23 pm
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Freya won't normally let me photograph her toebeans. She was too sleepy to care here.
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meatball the cat chomping grass
Meatball doing his best pirate impression.

Every morning I take Meatball out to our vegetable garden. He likes to explore and chew bits of long grass. It's a good outdoor spot for him because it's fenced; I worry without some kind of boundary he'll run off after a chipmunk and get lost (or worse).

But today, there was a rabbit in the garden--almost full grown--and he went for it. (He was not pleased with me when I hauled him back inside.)

I know some cats are more confrontational than others, but is it common for cats to chase animals as big as they are? Does your cat do this?
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I've played enough RPGs to know that Rika either has a sidequest for me or some sort of Highly Important Item to give me.
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Meatball contemplates the nature of perception and consciousness. 

meatball the cat sits contemplatively in an armchair

It's been a tough morning.
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He reminds me of a certain meatball.
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Finnsie is never happier than when showing you her belleh. Cut to save your friends page.

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Altair thinks being a cat is just sooooo hard.
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*pops head in* *provides cat*

Altair brings the play-with-me-so-I-can-eat-your-hand teefies.
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Once upon a time I was an enthusiastic supporter of the Hank for Senate campaign. Sadly, they weren't making t-shirts anymore by the time I tried to buy one. IMHO this was the pick of the litter:

Hank for Senate shirt

Every year or two I try to buy one, because I'm stubborn like that (and they're still on the website!), only to get vaguely annoyed mail telling me to beat it.

...until this time, when I get two shirts in the mail! Beats going to the mall for sure.
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Having a bad day? Here's a video of a kitten trying to fight a fake cat.

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In perfect unison, no less.

Ded of cute.
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It's a desk! It's a cat toy!

What could go wrong?

desk for cats, or cat people, or something

A writeup of this invention is here:

The designer says "busy humans and bored cats may finally be able to coexist peacefully". I look at the word "peaceful" next to the picture of a desk designed to let a bored cat disembowel me for fun and wonder what they are thinking.
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[Video of two cats playing patty cake with make believe dialogue dubbed in.]


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